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Public Engagement

4 months ago

How can the governments and the IJC improve public engagement in Agreement activities, particularly to engage communities that have not traditionally been engaged?

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Annetha 4 months ago
Make effort to meet more often outside population centers like Toronto and Chicago. Meeting in Toronto last fall, I had impression that L Ontario issues were hugely coloured by Toronto sensibilities. Toronto has a huge footprint, yes, but a small share of the L Ontario drainage basin, and the most productive, ecologically rich part of Lake Ontario is at the other end of the lake. Example: Toronto might welcome wind energy proposed for east L Ontario, but at risk are shoals, wetlands, shores, and islands important to spawning fish, migrating birds, and endangered species such as Blanding Turtle.
Annetha 4 months ago
Cast net widely in choosing meeting locations You will get a a better reflection of issues and folks' perceptions, plus you may find they, and local media, will be enthusiastic contributors. I remember thinking that last fall's meeting in Toronto was likely to provide a particular perspective on L Ontario issues. Toronto has a huge footprint, of course, but relatively shallow slice of drainage basin, and it is on other side of lake from the ecologically rich, productive Eastern Basin. For example, Torontonians might appreciate wind energy for its green-ness, but miss the cost that could be exacted on eastern shoals, shores, wetlands, and islands essential to spawning fish, migrating birds, and endangered species such as Blanding Turtle. (Prince Edward Co. Field Naturalists spent a peck of time and money protecting THAT species! :-)
Luzma Fabiola 5 months ago
Through a consultation process to get some insights on what they want, and how they think the issue could be solved. Getting to know more about their interests (contending interests), values, perceptions is of vital importance to engage them, and also to elaborate and put in practice policy mechanisms. In other words, agreements and decisions need to be based on communities insights. Governments and agencies need to be able to approach communities, and ask them for their advice.