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Invasive Species

2 months ago

Tell us whether invasive species are of particular concern to you. 

  • How could the Parties better harmonize permitting, remove administrative barriers and adopt an integrated approach to AIS management?
  • Are there other ways the parties could improve their binational approach to invasive species?

  • Do you agree with this finding of successes and gaps in the Parties’ progress toward the achievement of this objective? (see IJC's finding below)

FINDING in IJC's TAP report (page 71): There has been significant progress in preventing the introduction of AIS to the Great Lakes. The spread of previously introduced invasive species is a major concern. Further progress on AIS prevention and control could be enhanced by improving long term program funding mechanisms, reaching agreements on permitting the use of all types of control measures across jurisdictions and requiring ballast water exchange and flushing in addition to discharge treatment.

Commitments by the Governments of Canada and the United States can be found in Annex 6 of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.
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