Documents You Need For Your Canada Immigration

Going through an immigration process is a very long process. It can get tedious along the way, especially if you don’t have the right papers and documents in your hand.  Knowing and having the right papers will smooth out the process and will cut the processing time in half.

To help you lessen the stress, know what kind of forms, papers, and documents you need to prepare for your Canadian immigration.

  1. Passport

This is an obvious document/paper that a would-be immigrant should have when applying for immigration papers. If you are aiming for a Canada immigration from Dubai or any other country, travel documents such as passport is part of the document checklist that will be submitted. Be sure to keep yours and ensure that your passport is clear and legible. Worn out passports might not be accepted and it may hamper your application.

  1. Visa

Canada Immigration Office requires some of its immigrant application to present a Visa before they approved the immigration papers. Ask your immigration consultants if you are qualified or not to present a visa. If you are, seek their assistance to apply.

  1. Police Certificates

As a requirement, immigration applicants should present a police certificate for every country or region they resided for six months or so. It will be a proof that you have no criminal record and an outstanding citizen.

  1. Medical Certificate

Immigration medical exam is a requirement. There are several ways on how you can process this based on what kind of visa application you are applying. Check with your immigration consultant to know how you can get a medical certificate.

  1. Proof of Financial Support

Proof of Financial Support is presented to ensure that you can support yourself should you decide to emigrate from one country to another. If you are migrating to Canada, be sure to prepare these documents like proofs of fund and investment coming from your bank stating the account details and when the account was opened and the amount and bank statements for the past four to six months.

  1. Proof of Language Proficiency

For Canadian immigration, applicants ages 14 to 64 years old must show that they are proficient in English or in French. Applicants must send at least one proof that they have knowledge in these languages along with their application.

  1. Identity and Civil Status documents

These are common documents that you need to include on your application. These papers include your birth certificate, marriage certificates and any documents to prove your identity.

These are just some of the documents you need to prepare for your Canadian Immigration application. To know more, go to website and check out the checklist provided.