6 Greatest F1 Drivers of all time

Scroll down and read about six influential F1 drivers!

  1. Jackie Stewart: Jackie Stewart is an inspirational F1 driver that has won 27 races out of 100 races in which he taken part. Although he retired in 1972, he started his own team- Stewart. The team was sold to Jaguar first and then Red Bull. The driver brought championships for Tyrrell and Matra.
  2. Michael Schumacher: Schumacher was considered as young FI successful driver in his time. The driver started his career in 1990s and won 91 races out of 208 races in which he took part. He won championships for Ferrari five times and Benetton two times. Although Schumacher is retired, he is still very famous F1 driver.
  3. Alain Prost: Alain Prost was the dominant driver from 1980s to 1990s. he was famous to give tough competition to Ayrton Senna. The driver won 50 races out of 202 races. He brought championships for McLaren and Williams four times altogether. Prost is and was known as professor because of his expertise.
  4. Ayrton Senna: Ayrton Senna was one of the most famous driver of his time. He was passionate racer who won 41 races out of 162. Senna won three championships with McLaren. Unfortunately he died earlier at the age of 34 due to racing accident.
  5. Lewis Hamilton: Lewis Hamilton is another most successful F1 driver right now. After Schumacher, he was the second to have highest number of win. The racer won 84 races out of 250 competitions. Hamilton is still in career and waiting for the beginning of 2020 season.
  6. Jim Clark: Jim Clark was an old F1 racer who won 25 out of 75 races. He won championships with Lotus in 1963 and 1965. The driver was leading the Formula 2 race in Germany in 1968 when he met an accident and died of it.

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