DIY carpet cleaning in 3 easy steps


‘Oh boy, what was I thinking when I bought this carpet?’ might be your initial reaction when the mere thought of carpet cleaning would’ve crossed your mind especially with children, pet and a clumsy you not making up for the ideal carpet candidates. Don’t worry as the carpet cleaning services company in Dubai is at your rescue. But if you want to give it a try yourself, then here we have a way to get rid of the stubborn stains in three easy steps.

  • Prepare the soap mixture

We can’t clean carpet without cleaning tools and thus we have to first prepare our cleaning mixture. Get a spray bottle, fill it halfway through and mix liquid soap in it. The idea here is to get let the mixture stir itself together instead of aggressively shaking the bottle and forcing a stir. Now get baking soda and salt ready. While the mixture sits, sprinkle the soda and salt together – specifically the area where the stain is and then spray the mixture on the salt and soda. Let the whole soapy mixture sit on the carpet for a few minutes.

  • Rub the stain

Once you think that the soapy mixture is well incorporated with the carpet, get your brushing tools out. The tools can vary from each other such as you can use a small toothbrush for smaller stains and a proper cloth cleaning brush for the bigger stains which were left by the painting contractors in Dubai due to a simple mistake. Make sure that you move the brush in one single direction as this will let an easy access to the dirt and debris buried deep in the carpet.

  • Dry it out

Please don’t leave your soapy mixture on the carpet to be air dried because it will sit there and collect more dust and dirt than it would have cleaned. Once the stain is removed and you are satisfied, you have to get a dry towel and let it soak all the liquid mixture. Spray clean water and repeat the process again until the soap is completely out. If you are dealing with large stains that cover a huge area, then covering the towel with some weights is a good idea as the process will be faster and cleaner.