Top Places in the World for a Destination Wedding

People find it extremely hard at times to plan their weddings in their own home town – and when they plan a destination wedding, their difficulties are taken up to a whole new level. If anything, such a wedding is nothing short of a challenge considering that you know nothing about the destination that you are getting married at. However, the fact of the matter is that the wedding companies in dubai offer certain benefits that seriously outweigh their negative elements.

With that, here’s a list of some of the best destination wedding spots that are a major hit amidst people interested in having such a wedding:


In the past decade or so, Hawaii has managed to become mecca for those interested in a beach wedding without having to deal with too much fuss. Every year, there are hundreds and thousands of couples who fly to Hawaii for the sake of getting married on the beach. The best part is that if you wish to get married here, there are countless destination wedding planning companies that can help you sort everything out. With their help, you would be able to cover everything related to your event including the food to be served and where you could go to spend your honeymoon.


Italian destination weddings are perhaps the most romantic. From Venice to Milan and Rome, Italy is flocked by countless couples every year as it is the ultimate gateway for those interested in destination weddings. However, considering that you will be flying overseas for the sake of getting married, it is necessary for you to make sure that your guests have their passports and everything ready in advance. Also, it will be your responsibility to find transportation options and suitable accommodations for all of them. Apart from that, you should also create a sightseeing list so that you, your partner and your guests can check out the interesting spots that Italy has to offer. As you are a foreign couple, there are countless destination wedding planning experts who will be willing to help you out with preparations.

The Bahamas

If you want to get married in the Caribbean spirit, then plan your big day at the Bahamas. However, before making any arrangements and booking tickets to fly out for your civil marriage, make sure that you check out the entry requirements so that you don’t have to stress out at the last moment. read more