Every warrior needs a weapon to accomplish his task and every writer needs a trusty pen to write a memorable piece. For crafters, having indispensable tools in hand can surely help you unleash your creative genius.

If you are looking to make crafting your hobby, it is a must that you add these tools in your arsenal.

  1. Scissors

Scissors are every crafter’s must-have. Your scissor will serve you well, from cutting papers, detailing embellishments, and shearing fabrics. Having a couple of dedicated scissors in your crafter’s box will surely make crafting easy. You can have a standard pair of scissors for basic crafting, but if you plan to expand your skills to fabrics, adding detailing scissors and fabric shears should be included in your tools.

  1. Cutters

If you are into detailing and fabric crafting, having a cutter is a must. A rotary cutter or an x-acto knife can work wonders on fabrics and cardboards. Carved knives and shape cutters can also make cutting easy.

  1. Adhesives

Every seasoned crafter has a couple of adhesives in their craft stash. The crafter’s glue (clear drying) is the most commonly used adhesive. But you can also add a variety to ensure that you are using the right one. You might want to consider adding a variety of glues, including spray, basting, sticks, epoxy, etc. Choose which type best suits your crafting need. Do not forget to add glue guns, glue sticks and tapes in your adhesive arsenal.

  1. Pencils and markers

Experienced crafters always have a set of markers in their supply. These can be used to add details to crafts, or mark paper and fabrics. Add a set of pencils, permanent markers (in different colors) and crayons. For those who are always working on fabric, get a fabric marker. Also, get a trusted eraser along with your markers.

  1. Rulers

Precise measurement is the code of all crafters. And a trusted ruler is the best tool for this. Rulers come in different types. You can either choose a metal ruler or a plastic one, whichever you prefer.

Once you have all the tools you need, you can start your crafting journey. But do not take it too seriously though. Be sure to have fun while doing it. The key to crafting is to enjoy the whole process, and you can be sure that you will create something beautiful and out of this world.