Medical Gadgets That Will Sell Big This 2017

2016 is a big year for medical technology. A lot of medical advancements were introduced last year that were able to help a lot of patients and streamline medical processes. Wearables were also consistently making waves in the health industry as more and more people are giving their health utmost attention.

This 2017, it is expected that medical technology will be even bigger and grander. On the last CES 2017, tech companies presented some of the most exciting medical gadgets that we will be looking forward to in the market.

  1. QardioCore

As mentioned, wearables created a huge demand last year and it is expected to continue its popularity in the coming years. One of the most talked about wearables introduced in CES 2015 is the QardioCore. This device is put around chest to accurately monitor your heart’s vital stats. Unlike the usual equipment we see in hospitals, this device is discreet and can be worn under your apparel. The data is stored in an app for the user’s review.

  1. TempTraq

Checking the temperature of your little one if you are using the usual thermometer can be challenging. But with TempTraq, you simply need to stick it on your baby’s skin and you can immediately know their body’s temp. This patch-like device is connected to an app that shows the changes in their body temperature 24/7. No need to disturb your little ones when checking their temp.

  1. Motio HW

This device is perfect for people who have sleep apnea. Motio HW is a wearable device that helps regulates sleep and identify problems that are causing sleep disturbances. This device is developed by Neogia, which aims to help patients ease their sleep problems.

  1. Motiv

Fitness trackers are popular amongst health buffs. It usually comes in bracelets. If you want to be more discreet, you can try on Motiv. Motiv is a fitness ring tracker that monitors and records your vital stats. This also serves as a sleep tracker. But the best thing about this ring is that you can wear it anytime, during winter or while doing laps on the pool. It can also go well with your apparel.

  1. Bloomlife’s contraction reader

Reading contractions during labor can be tricky. But with Bloomlife’s contraction reader, patients and midwives can help accurately read the number of contractions and help predict the stages of child labor better, or if the patient is having Braxton Hicks. As of the moment, the company is leasing the device. But expect that it will be available in the market soon!

It is just the start of the year and medical devices are creating a buzz in the market. Expect more devices and discoveries to be introduced before the year ends.