3 Secrets that will keep on prevailing B2B SEOs in 2017

A recently released article that I had the opportunity to go through clearly indicated that the top online marketing strategy used by B2B marketers was SEO. This success depicts that there must be something behind B2B SEOs being on the top. Let’s delve a bit deeper to figure out the means to enhance this strategic success.

  1. Content Marketing

Statistics depicts that the search traffic of the clients we were working with last year, reached an average of 58 percent in a year. It’s quite obvious that new content development along with conversion optimization and furtherance of lead management principles enhances the growth of organic search engine. Few of the most successful content marketing assets include development of blog post, infographics, news information, articles related to short industries and SEO landing pages. The data ascertains that the undeviating and reliable focus on content rather than production numbers by an SEO consulting firm is actually a key to the success of B2B SEO.

Performance based measures

There is a steady increase in “not provided” search engine’s average percentage. In October 2012, it was near about 32 percent. Due to the increased demand, software vendors are involved in a continuous process to develop a more secure and reliable search experience. Whereas elimination of ranking data as a performance measure, is an outcome of the ongoing pressure, from Google on SEO reporting vendors. Basically, we are focused on following three shifts of measuring.

  • Performance Metrics: Here we need to have a closer look at the quality metrics accounting from the traffic activity of the search engine visitors.
  • “Not Provided” Landing Pages: Landing pages are examined to have a better idea regarding “not provided” landing pages.
  • Branded vs. Non-Branded Traffic Patterns: Analyze the records of last few months for the establishment of visitor performance patterns for both branded and non-branded traffic. This will in general, be a helping hand to B2B SEOs for making reasonable assumptions.

Collaborate and Scale SEO Needs

The ultimate reason behind the success of SEO is collaboration of organizational departments and vendors and hence it is highly recommended. For this purpose, merging of PR and communications groups by digital marketing services, IT and web development teams are required. One should be well aware of generating long-term results in order to retrieve success, which can’t be achieved alone, but in collaboration.

It’s a matter of fact that life changes day by day where innovative ideas rule. We make resolutions but the very next day we fail to accomplish it. So while beholding the past Portfolio of B2B SEO, we should make further attempts to make it more successful with truly new resolutions which won’t die the next day.