How To Prep Your Kid For His First Dental Appointment

As a parent, we always aim to provide the best care to our kids to ensure their holistic well-being, including their dental and oral care. But getting your kids to practice the right dental care can be a challenge, and let alone get take them to the dentists.

If you are dreading what will happen to your kid’s first dental appointment, here are some tips from the best orthodontist in Dubai to help you prep your toddler and make the visit smooth and tantrum-free.

  • Do not scare your kids

One of the mistakes that parents commit is scaring their kids about dentist and dental care. Some would think that this is an effective way to convince kids to attend their dental appointments. But this can backfire. Installing fear would only get them to think that it can be a scary place.

Instead, do the opposite. Make going to dentist a positive experience by telling them good stories about the place, how fun and magical it is. You can tell them stories of how your dentist fixed your pearly whites and how you are able to overcome the experience.

  • Take them to a child-friendly clinic

Another thing that you need to consider is the clinic. Adult dental clinics look way too formal and scary for some kids. If your dentist or dental clinic do not serve or cater to kids, do not take your kid there. Instead, pick a clinic that offer a safe and encouraging environment for kids to visit. Most of the dental pediatric clinic nowadays are designed quite differently from the usual dental clinics. It is because they aim to assure their little patients that the place is fun and safe for them.

  • Show them fun videos of dental care

One way to encourage kids to come to their dental appointments and not get scared is to show them fun and engaging videos of dental procedures. Not the scary one, of course. Show them something animated and fun. This would get them interested in dentistry and the procedure. Be sure to answer the questions they have regarding the procedure. Explain it in a simple manner that your kid can understand. You might need to use some analogies to make it easier for them to understand.

  • Bring a safety blanket

Dental clinics can be a scary place for kids, despite the design. To appease them, be sure to bring in their favorite toy or blanket them would remind them the security of your home and their bedroom.

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